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Dental portable x-ray...

Dental portable x-ray machine


l The device is DC high frequency portable dental X-ray unit, small, light and nearly no radiation.

l There are manual buttons installed on the surface of shell, operate easily. All of the components   are installed

       in the central PC board, insulation vacuum and sealed stereotype protection make its brilliant features.

l The unit mainly suitable for oral pre-treatment diagnosis of internal organization structure and root depth and 

        so on, is indispensable in daily life clinic, especially for dental implant surgery.

l The battery is durability, it can take about five hundred images after full charged, and it can be charged and

        discharged for one thousand times in its life.

l It can be connected with intra-oral digital X-ray imaging system.

Название Параметр
01 Вес нетто: 2.5кг Вес брутто: :4.8кг
02 Фокус трубки: 0,3 мм × 0,3 мм. Расстояние от кожи до конуса: 130mm
03 Температура окружающей среды: 5-40°C Относительная влажность: <75%RH
04 Charger input voltage:AC100v-240v±10% Выходное напряжение:DC16.8V
05 Батарея: DC14.8v 6400mAh Rated power: 60ВА
06 Напряжение трубки: 60КВ Ток трубки: 1,5 мА
07 Размер упаковки 330X310X230(mm)
08 Время экспозиции: 0,1 ~ 2 с Частота: 30 кГц

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