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Professional four-channel EMG system EP device electromyograph 6600b


Type: Electroneuromyograph
Models: 6600B
Product Name: EMG EP Machine
Certificate: FDA, CE, ISO
A / D resolution on conversion: 16 bits
Sampling rate: 200 kHz
Analysis time: 5-5000 ms
Stimulating frequency: 0.1-50 Hz
Amplifier part: Four-channel
Sensitivity: 0.05 mkg-20mv / grid
Noise ground EMG: <= 4µm (Vpp)

The equipment records the bioelectric energy of the nerve muscles to determine its function, which combines the speed of nerve conduction in order to give the patient an auxiliary diagnosis.
Content check: EMG (electromigram), MCS (motor conductor speed), SCS (sensory nervous system conductor velocity), F wave, reflex, RNS (repeated nerve stimulation), Blink Reflex, VEP (visual potential, potential), BAEP (trunk brain) auditory potential), September (somatosensory evoked potential), etc.

A professional EMG / EP platform and ideal test items, complete each test as soon as possible.
Neuro and muscular navigation system, convenient in choosing the test part.
Powerful normal value system, contrast with ordinary data automatically.
Flexible software design, customization of system parameters in accordance with the requirements.
High-speed data acquisition, electromagnetic interference suppression, photoelectric isolation and low noise.
Integrated hardware system, compact and easy to move.
Main part of the system
A / D resolution of 16 bits
200 kHz sample rate
Analysis time 5-5000 ms
Stimulating frequency of 0.1-50 Hz
Amplifier part
Four channel
Sensitivity 0.05 mkg-20mv / mesh
Ground noise EMG <= 4µm (Vpp)
EP <= 0.1 µm (Vpp) (1000 times on average)
Common mode deviation coefficient> = 100dB
Setting a 50 Hz wave:
Upper limit for frequency filter 20 kHz
Lower limit for filter frequency 1 Hz
Strengthening modern 25 times-400000 times
Stimulator part
DC 0.2-100mA
Pulse 50-1000 µs
Protection against short circuit and overload

Perception stimulator
Stimulation wave 40 Hz short sound Stim
Stimulation of polarity is a loose wave, a dense wave and a successive wave.
Sound power 40-120db (5db level)
Stimulation mode left, right, left and right
Frequency 40 Hz carrier wave 500-8000 Hz
Visual stimulator
Mosaic mode, horizontal bar and vertical bar.
View of stimulation view, floor view and quarter view
Resolution 3x4, 6x8, 12x16, 24x32, 48x64
Flash stimulator turn off all, left light, right light, left and right light
Physical characteristics:
Size 420 mm * 350 mm * 46 mm (d × w × h)
Net weight 6 kg

Auxiliary equipment:

Power cord
Power adapter
USB cable
Audio cable
Ground cable
Current stimulator
Unipolar bipolar Needle electrode D039035408, 0.35 * 40 mm, d039035408, 0.60 * 70 mm
Repeated bipolar needle of electrodes R039035408, 0.35 * 40, R039060706, 0.60 * 70
Concentric Needle Connector Wire
1 mm connecting wire
Electrode Disc
Electrode Ring
Electrode surface
Ground electrode (includes lead cable)
Single-ended unipolar needle electrode
1 to 2 cables for conversion
Electrode surface adapter cable
Fuse 0.1A / 250 V, 5 * 20 mm
Fuse F1.6AL250V, 5 * 20 mm
Flash stimulator
Audio stimulator

Surface Electrode Converter Cable

Fuse 0.1A / 250V, 5 * 20mm
Fuse F1.6AL250V, 5 * 20 mm
Flash Stimulator
Audio Stimulator

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