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Portable digital ultrasound...

Portable digital ultrasound scanner


  • Main unit
    10.0 inches CRT monitor
    Convex probe array
    User's manual
    B, 2B, b / m, m display
    Print / Video / VGA / Ports

Linear array probe
Trans-Vaginal array probe
Micro-convex probe array
Rectal probe array
Mitsubishi P93C Video Printer

Main characteristics
1. Digital beam forming technology
2. Wide application: abdomen, Ob ​​/ GN, urology, cardiology, etc.
3. Powerful packages for measuring and calculating
4. 8-segment adjustment tgc
5. 10 inches VGA monitor
6. OB Measurements: bpd, gs, CRL, FL, ac, hc, etc.
7. Permanent image store function: 32 images
8. Back keyboard
9. 2 probe connectors
10. Probe Automatic Identification
11. USB ports for image transfer to PC for remote diagnostics

Main technical characteristics
Scan Mode: Convex / Linear / Trans-Vaginal
Display modes: B, b + b, b + m, m, 4B
Scanning depth: 240 mm
Gray: 256
Body signs: 44
Image-conversion: up / down, left / right, black / white
Puncture function guide
B: 4-step per function
Printer function: you can connect a laser printer and video printer directly
Comment: date, last name, gender, age, hospital, Abstract
Scaling: * 0.8, * 1.0, * 1.2, * 1.5, * 2.0
Cine loop function
Single / multipoint focus
Frequency conversion
Angle change
Frame correlation
Gamma correction, edge enhancement for image processing after processing
Image freeze / defrost
Port: USB 2.0, VGA, video connector
Usb image store function: more than sixteen thousand images
Power supply: ac 110 V-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Sensor connector: 2

General menu: distance, zone, volume, angle, ellipse
Obstetrician menus: gs, crl, bpd, hc, AC, FL, fetal weight
Heart menu: distance, time, slope, rhythm

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