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Laser helmet for hair growth 8000C


Brief information
Model Number: 8000C
Irradiation mode: Continuous, pulse
Light source: 650nm LLLT laser + 655nm red LED light
Number of Diodes: 80 LD + 30 LED
Rated power: 20VA
Irradiation Area: 370cm2 ± 10%
Processing time for choice: 25 min, 30 min, 35 min
Type: Helmet
Indications: areopia alopecia, seborrheic hair loss

● 80 medical grade semiconductor laser diode (LD) and 30 LEDs (8000C).
● Low energy soft laser LLLT technology, safe and reliable
● Location of the dot matrix of the laser light source, more uniform distribution of the emitting spot to accelerate hair growth
● Helmet design, small size, light weight, easy to use, more suitable for patients to be treated at home
● Radiation separation technology for different levels of hair loss, effective implementation of differentiated treatment
● Soft silicone remote guide, more convenient and reliable
● Intelligent sensor for safety and effectiveness during treatment
● Real-time temperature and humidity detection
● Continuous exposure or pulsed exposure
● The mobile app is available for clinical evaluation, treatment records and photographs to facilitate clinical evaluation of patients.

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