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1. The recorder can work stably, reliably and durable.
2.Be provided with anti-jamming and shock-pro capability.
3. Small volume with OLED screen. The resolution is 160 * 128.
4.Be provided with a preview of the waveform, viewing records and marking events.
5. Accurately record the start time of data sampling thanks to the real-time clock itself.
6. Avoid damage due to repeated insertion and removal using the integrated TF card for data storage.
7. The maximum capacity can be 2GB.
8. The average viewing time for a particular case may be less than 40 seconds when using the USB 2.0 interface.
9. Records unlimited waveform details due to high accuracy and sample rate.
10. Record the pacemaker status exactly at the higher sampling rate.
11. Record a 24-hour ECG with the same ECG standard.

Dynamic ECG systems use an international standard 12-tap system that can continuously record an ECG curve for 24 hours and analyze the ECG curve using PC software. It is applicable for use in medical institutions and society.

Software features
1. Fast and accurate analysis system.
2. With 12 synchronized analyzes, a QRS search may be more accurate.
3. There are more than 10 patterns, such as the atrial beating module, the ventricular premature beat module, the long interval module, the atrial flutter module, the atrial fibrillation module, etc., as well as several user templates that can identify almost all types of pathological signals .
4. Additional main channel.
5. Flexible and accurate atrial fibrillation analysis.
6. The pacemaker function can analyze all pacemakers.
7. Many modules have been added.
8. Any period of a single-or 12-lead ECG can be reconsidered at any time using the function of quick analysis and waveform analysis.
9. The types of heart rate variability analysis systems include five minutes of a short ECG and one hour or 24 hours of a long ECG.
10.Print report appropriate.

11. The ideal case management function.
12. With the help of the ST segment analysis function and the total load on the heart muscle disorder, the doctor can judge the disease or disorder of the heart muscle in general.
13. "Analysis of sleep apnea syndrome", the doctor can print a sleep analysis report and make a diagnosis.
14. The HRT analysis, when the regulated function is natural, this temporary change will be immediately represented by the HRT form.
15. Analysis of the alternation of T waves is an important indicator in assessing and preventing arrhythmias.
16. The report has a greater reference value with the analysis functions of the VCG, VLP, TVCG and QTD.

number of channels: 12 channels;
Sampling rate: 10,000 Hz;
Sampling accuracy: 12 bits;
Recording time: 24 hours;
Power supply: 2 x 5 batteries;
Interface: USB2.0;
Scale voltage: 1 mV ± 5%;
Standard sensitivity: 10 mm / mV ± 5%;
Noise level: ≤30μV;
COCC: ≥60dB;
Low frequency feathers: time constant> 3.2 s;
Scanning speed: 25 mm / s ± 5%;
Remote polarization voltage: ± 300 mV;
Smallest Signal: 50 µV pp;
Product safety type: Type B (with internal power);
Size: 111mm (L) * 60 mm (W) * 25 mm (N);

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