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Детский стоматологический кресло


Type: Dental Chair
Power Source: Hydraulic
Product Name: Children's Dental Chair
Models: Kids Dental Chair
CE certificate ISO FDA

1. Everything is controlled by electric valve
2. DC motor; auxiliary controlled system using the touch panel
3. Automatic thermostatic water supply system
4. compensate for a wider dental unit.
5. tip for piping with standard fittings (3 sets), three-way spring (one for hot, one for cold) (2 sets), Water Suction and saliva ejector (with switch) (1 set), powerful suction unit (1 set) )
6. Easy cleaning of one-piece and rotary tempered glass spittoon, aluminum alloy spittoon base.
7. Strong and weak dual-use flashlight (1 set), X - kinoskop (1 set)
8. water purification system with built-in bottle
9. Device for tight balance
10. cantilever model side box with floor distribution box
11. Doctor's chair (1 set), multifunction pedal (1 set)
12. Suitable for head restraints for adults and children. Three programmable positions
Voltage 110-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Musical instrument trumpet down wall
Bowl glass
Packing size 147x105x137 mm
Gross weight 300 kg

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